If you’re looking for fellowship with others around the idea of God reconciling all to Himself, we encourage you to check out the options below. My assistant, Kimberly, is passionate about connecting you with others that would like to connect. Please e-mail her with questions, ideas, and dreams in this regard: gro.n1516729052wotnw1516729052odyra1516729052utcna1516729052seht@1516729052ylreb1516729052mik1516729052

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If you’re looking to connect with other believers who are excited that Jesus is reconciling the whole world to Himself—either in your area or other areas throughout world—we invite you to get on our online map!

Simply send your name, email, city (and a photo, if you like) and we’ll get you on there! Email: moc.l1516729052iamg@1516729052krowt1516729052enwen1516729052sgnih1516729052tllae1516729052ht1516729052 Once you are on the map, feel free to search for & contact others in your area for connection & sharing of resources to help spread the word that Jesus is reconciling all to Himself.