books in a closet by Simon Petrol on UnsplashThis site contains a lot of stuff—good stuff. The majority of that “stuff” is sermons in audio, manuscript, and video form. Most of it I preached. And although it was sometimes too long, complicated, offensive or bizarre, I think the stuff was really good. It was good, because I kept being surprised by the Gospel, the victory of Love, wherever I looked. Maybe the Good even speaks through people like me, and people like you.

For twenty-five years I’ve preached expository sermons, with the growing conviction that Jesus wins everywhere, everywhen, and everyhow. He always wins, even when he loses—especially when he loses—he wins you, your heart, and all creation.

Over those years, I kept waiting to uncover the text that would squelch this growing hope that God would redeem all, yet time and time again, the seemingly exclusive texts (implying “not all”) would melt under close examination revealing an even greater hope in God’s redemption of all. Meanwhile, the inclusive texts (implying “savior of all”) would become rock solid—“Behold I am making all things new… Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” (Rev. 21:5) The more I saw, the more it all seemed to fit, and the more I fell in love with Jesus.

In time people would say things like, “Yeah but, what about the unforgivable sin, the sheep and the goats, the narrow door, the bowls of wrath, and that freaky verse in 1 Thessalonians?” I would know that I had addressed each of those things in some sermon somewhere, but couldn’t remember all that stuff everywhere.

Recently I’ve met many people excited about the idea of Relentless Love, but people that have never done church or read the Bible from the perspective of Relentless Love… and these people would like expository messages from folks with faith in the God who is Relentless Love.

Well, we got ‘em… and now, a lot more.

Our hope is that this site will make all the messages, and the much more, accessible to you that you might fall more in love with Jesus, tell the world about Jesus and find Jesus in others that share the same outrageous hope that is Jesus.

So let me outline the site:

Start with one of these two pages.

Five Short Films to Turn Your World Downside Up

reel-to-reel media by Nom Peerapong on Unsplash.comThese five short films, produced by Ben Sullivan at Novel Motion Pictures, address key components in a paradigm shift that will transform one’s perception of God: Hell, creation, Scripture, fear, and “free will.” If you like to have your paradigms shifted in an engaging, entertaining, and creative way, you’re going to love these films.

An Introduction to the Theology of Relentless Love

book wall by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash.comThis is a page designed to guide you through some of our written resources on the way to developing a theology of Relentless Love. If you prefer reading over watching videos, check out this theological intro.

Or, if you want to jump right in, get thee to the library.

retro media wall by Tracy Thomas on

Research Library

All of the resources on are collected in our multimedia Library. From here you can go just about anywhere.

Or, if you are looking for links to access stuff directly, here’s a breakdown of all the other content on the site.

Sermon Database

card catalog by Sanwal Deen on Unsplash.comIf you just want to hear read or watch messages go here. You can search for keywords or biblical texts using the search function in the upper right-hand corner. You can also select a series, or a teacher (At the church website, you’ll find every message and messenger. On this site we’ve focused on those messages given from the perspective of relentless love). In the sermon catalog box you’ll find a few catalogs, some still under construction—these may be most helpful if you’re searching for a particular topic or text.

Books | Articles | Devotionals

glasses and magazines by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash.comI (Peter) have published four books and authored a few more. I’m particularly excited about the last two—hopefully to be followed by a third—that exposit Genesis 1-3 and lay the foundation for a radically new paradigm of reality. You will also find several articles and a bunch of devotionals dealing with a variety of topics related to Relentless Love. Most of these devotionals have been created by my former assistant, Kimberly Weynen, from the meat of various sermons. These have been read by hundreds of thousands around the world.


ask more questions by Jonathan Simcoe on Unsplash.comWe would love to converse with you online. If you have a comment or question please drop us a note. You can do so in the Conversations box on the home page. We’ve published some of the previous questions along with my (Peter’s) response. While visiting the Conversations page, you might find that others have asked just the question you want to ask… and you might even find my response helpful.


good news by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.comIf you’d like to keep updated on the latest sermons, devotionals, news, and more, we encourage you to subscribe. And even if you don’t want to be updated, would you subscribe? We believe that God is calling us to be “a church without walls.” And so we hope to develop an online fellowship and encourage local fellowships with resources from this site.


Donation box, coin in the glass bottle, vintage color toneYeah… we do have a donate button. Thus far this ministry has been primarily funded by kind-hearted local folks who attend the Sanctuary in Colorado. However, we are a relatively small local fellowship, and to continue this ministry, we’d greatly appreciate your support. Please don’t stop using this site if you cannot donate, but if you feel led by God to do so, please don’t hold back!