What is it? Quite simply, it’s the idea that “God is Love” and “God is Almighty” and God conquers all through Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. Jesus is that idea. Jesus is the Idea, the Logos, the Word; He is the Theo-logos made flesh.We believe that this Theology of Relentless Love is entirely Biblical—entirely Biblical, but often not traditional. Because we, the church, have read the Bible in doubtful fear, sought to control others with threats and listened to the “Principalities and Powers of this present darkness” we have often lacked the courage to believe the victory of God in Christ Jesus. We seek to proclaim the “full” gospel, that is the whole Bible and thus the victory of Relentless Love. We seek to believe the voice which cries from to throne in Revelation 21:5, “Behold I make all things new.”Now, that belief does not mean that there is no second death in the lake that burns with “fire and divinity” (Rev. 21:8) or no “outer darkness where sons of the kingdom weep and gnash their teeth” (Rev. 22:15, Matt. 8:12). It does not mean that there is no “Hades,” “Gehenna” or “Lake of Fire” (words that all get translated as “Hell”). It does not mean that there is no Judgment. It means that Jesus is the Judgment. (He said it in John 12:31, “Now is the Judgment of this world.”) It means that death is not the End; Jesus is “the End.” It means that the Word of the Creator is stronger than the lies of the desecrator. It means that Love does win. And it means that most of us probably need a new “theological” paradigm—a paradigm that involves rethinking several concepts, such as:

  • The Biblical view of “Hell”
  • The Biblical perception of space and time (which marvelously matches the post-modern and current scientific description of space and time)
  • The Biblical idea that God is One (He is not part Love and part something else)
  • and the Biblical view of:
    • Creation
    • Evil and the Fall
    • Man (the old “Adam” and the new “Adam”)
    • Predestination, Election and “Free Will”
    • Final Judgment, which requires the surrender of our judgment (in other words: the triumph of Grace)

Except for the details of modern physics, the paradigm shift is nothing new. A Theology of Relentless Love was arguably the predominant theology of the early church and is clearly the perspective of some of the world’s greatest theologians and writers (Karl Barth, Hans Von Balthaser, William Barclay, George MacDonald, Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict, and Pope Frances). And yet people jump to the utterly bizarre conclusion that it is unbiblical and renders the cross of Christ pointless. IT’S JUST THE OPPOSITE. It is most Biblical… and the declaration that absolutely nothing is as powerful as the Word of God. Jesus Christ and Him crucified works… absolutely.

If you’re interested in exploring this topic in some sort of orderly fashion, I’d suggest doing so by clicking on stuff in the following order and then skipping those items with which you’re already familiar:

Introductory Articles on Theology:

Theology (Why it Matters)

Our Theology (What we believe that most other churches believe)

Our Theological Distinctive (what we believe that many don’t believe)

My Theological Journey (in part and so far)

Sanctuary/relentless-love.org: Extreme or In Between?

  • All Things New This is a summary of some of the theological ideas that contribute to a new paradigm regarding “Hell” and the redemption of all things, as well as an explanation of why it matters. I would suggest starting here.
  • An Adventure in Taking Scripture “Literally” or How to be accused of being a liberal heretic by Evangelical Christians. This is the long exegetical paper that I wrote in 2006. I suggest reading the sections in red (concluding statements) and then going back and looking at pertinent Scriptures, they are probably addressed in this document. It needs to be updated and was written not as a book but a resource, so please scan it and take what is helpful.
  • THE HISTORY OF TIME and the Genesis of You. This is an exposition of Genesis 1:1-2:4 with a breathtaking new twist. It explores the idea that God is creating us in Him Image and He won’t fail; in fact you and all of creation will be “very good.”
  • God and His Sexy Body: The Story of Adam and His Bride This book is an exposition of Genesis 2:4-2:25, following The History of Time. It explores the amazing truth that we are being created for communion. And not just between a man and a woman, but communion with God and all humanity. We are God’s sexy body—united under one head. We are the Bride of the Eschatos Adam, Jesus our Lord.
  • If All People Will Be Saved, Why Preach the Gospel? People often ask, “If God makes all things new, where’s the urgency in sharing the gospel?” I think the answer is rather shocking and defines the calling upon all who’ve come to trust in the Gospel of God’s Relentless Love in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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