You might be wondering who exactly we are, so let us introduce ourselves:

  • We’re part of the Church (the bigger worldwide church). We love, belong to, and find our home in Jesus.
  • We are a mission outreach of a local church in Colorado, The Sanctuary. We love and support Peter—who is one of our pastors, and his Relentless Love team. We are excited about and support spreading the message of God’s relentless love.
  • We’re a team including Peter Hiett (a pastor of The Sanctuary), Kimberly Weynen—Peter’s assistant, and Glen Gibson—who works with our media and Facebook pages. You will probably encounter all three of us when you interact with the site. You might also interact with some of our Sanctuary Board Members.
  • We’re a website: filled with a whole lot of resources that have been developed from many years of study, preaching, and a desire to spread the message of God’s relentless love for ALL with each other and the world.  

At the Sanctuary & Relentless Love, we preach a Theology of Relentless Love. Quite simply, it’s the idea that “God is Love” and “God is Almighty” and God conquers all through Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. Jesus is that idea. He is the Idea, the Logos, the Word; He is the Theo-logos made flesh.

Furthermore, we believe that this Theology of Relentless Love is entirely biblical, but often not traditional. Because we the church have read the Bible in doubtful fear, sought to control others with threats and listened to the “principalities and powers of this present darkness,” we have often lacked the courage to believe the victory of God in Christ Jesus. At The Sanctuary we seek to preach the full gospel, that is the whole Bible and thus the victory of Relentless Love. We seek to believe the voice which cries from the throne in Revelation 21:5, “Behold I make all things new.”

To explore what we believe in depth,  take a look at “A Theology of Relentless Love.”

*We work hard to provide a lot of this information for free because we believe in the power of the message. You can help us continue that work by donating to the site.