In August 2016 we hosted a conference during which we celebrated Jesus in light of two ideas. First, that Scripture is invaluable. It tells us the truth about God and His plan and who He is. Second, that the Lord will “reconcile  ALL  to Himself . . . making peace by the blood of His cross” Col. 1:19

We believe Jesus wins, the Bible tells us so and that this Gospel – The Gospel – has been largely forgotten in our modern world. So, for three days we worshiped the Lord by:

  • Proclaiming the victory of Relentless Love.

  • Equipping each other to better proclaim Relentless Love.

  • Making new friendships that comprise His body at work in this world

You can watch all the conference sessions at our Forgotten Gospel Conference website. To do so click here: FGC—Session Videos 2016