Peter Hiett

My name is Peter Hiett. I’m a husband, father of four, an author, and the pastor of a church centered in Denver Colorado. I’ve been ordained in two Presbyterian denominations (PCUSA, EPC), but am now ordained by our little non-denominational church called The Sanctuary.

A few years ago we realized that many were watching sermons online, but were not necessarily part of our community here in Denver and Evergreen. We were also aware that God had given us a message to proclaim that, sadly, is rather rare. I think that message is the Gospel.

In a nutshell, (or a human shell), the Gospel is “God is Salvation.” In the language of Scripture “God is Salvation” forms a name, “Yeshua,” that in English is pronounced, “Jesus.” That’s the Good News, the Gospel.

Is it rare? Well “No” . . . and, “Yes!” Most of us put our faith in “me is salvation” rather than “God is Salvation,” or as I like to say, “Me-sus” instead of “Jesus.” And so of course then, we don’t really believe that God desires to save all or has the power to save all because we’ve come to believe that God is basically “me.” But the Gospel isn’t “Me-sus” (my choice). The Gospel is Jesus (God’s choice)… for me.

Here at The Sanctuary, we’re beginning to believe that God in Christ Jesus saves all, by creating faith in all, through amazing Grace for all… and the Bible tells us that this is so.

We preach the Gospel with two convictions that, together, seem to be fairly rare.

  1. That Scripture is trustworthy. AND
  2. That, through Christ, God reconciles all things to himself making peace by the blood of his cross. That’s Scripture: Colossians 1:19.

And that’s what we mean by “Relentless-Love.” Quite simply, “God is Love” and “God is Almighty” and through Jesus, God conquers all. That’s the Good News, the Gospel.

We hope to preach from, we hope to live from, and we hope to do church from this place of confidence in Jesus. And we hope you would be part of this place—a church with no walls but Jesus (Zechariah 2:5).

That’s why we’ve produced this website

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