God and His Sexy Body: The Story of Adam and His Bride

book_thumb_god_bodIn God and His Sexy Body: The Story of Adam and His Bride, Peter Hiett points out that the creation of Adam is the creation of humanity and the incarnation of Christ, and that the creation of Eve is the creation of Christ’s Body.

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THE HISTORY OF TIME and the Genesis of You

book_thumb_history_of_timePeter Hiett argues that Genesis chapter 1 is the history of time – all time. And His-story is the genesis of you. The deepest story is that God is making you in His Image and will not fail. Jesus is His Word, and even when we nail Him to the tree – especially when we nail Him to the tree – He does not fail.

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Apocalypse Now: A three-volume commentary on the Revelation

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  1. Waking to Reality 
  2. The Soundtrack for All Time
  3. The Prince, the Dragon, and the Bride

Dance Lessons for Zombies

Dance Lessons for Zombies by Peter Hiett
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Eternity Now

Eternity Now by Peter HiettThe last book of the Bible is the unveiling of Jesus. In “Eternity Now!,” Pastor Hiett hopes to reclaim this Bible book for every believer by showing that the Revelation is about the present day, not just about future events.

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