• Everything that’s anything is Grace and you are gifted.
  • Even the places where you don’t feel gifted, are a gift.
  • You are worthy when you know you can’t make yourself worthy.
  • Everything good is “Spiritual.”
  • But “spiritual” isn’t always good and good gifts can be used for bad reasons.
  • Love is The Good.
  • “An evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign.”
  • “Seek first the Kingdom and His Righteousness.”
  • Desire gifts in order to give gifts.
  • Desire gifts in others and receive gifts from others.
  • Life isn’t “having gifts,” but “giving and receiving gifts.”
  • Gifts are for building up the Body.
  • You are a gift to be given.
  • You’re life is Christ’s Life.
  • You’re life is an utterly unique life.
  • You are gifted with unique gifts.
  • And those gifts are empowered by the Life of Christ.
  • But this treasure is in an “earthen vessel.”
  • Really! I mean it! Don’t confuse the gift with the earthen vessel.
  • Be emptied easily.
  • Be filled easily (both require humility).
  • Hear Truth in Love.
  • Test everything… but God.
  • Leave Judgment to Jesus.
  • Do not trust any man or woman completely.
  • Don’t be someone else.
  • Don’t Force It.
  • Don’t Fake It.
  • Don’t think you need to make Jesus look good.
  • Don’t be afraid to be “messy.”
  • Don’t be afraid to look like a fool.
  • But don’t make other’s look like fools.
  • Say, “I don’t know” when you “don’t know.”
  • Say, “maybe” when you mean, “maybe.”
  • Say, “I feel” when you mean, “I feel.”
  • Say, “I hear,” “I perceive,” “I suspect.”
  • NEVER say, “God says,” if you aren’t sure He says.
  • NEVER take His name in vain.
  • NEVER ever lie! The Truth is NOT assisted by lies.
  • NEVER compete for gifts, for then you’ll bear no fruit.
  • Only some gifts are yours and that’s the gift.
  • All the gifts are yours because we are one body.
  • BUMP INTO PEOPLE (a house group, the jubilee service, GO BOWLING and be real).
  • We connect at the place of the wound.
  • That place you most long to hide, is probably where Jesus will be most glorified.
  • That thing you hide, may turn into your place of greatest gifting.
  • The shape of your “emptiness” becomes the shape of his “fullness.”
  • Confess your sins. Receive God’s Grace.
  • He gives you authority.


  • Pray for healing.
  • Ask God for visions, words of knowledge or prophetic words.
  • Try speaking in tongues (no repeating, “She bought a Honda” or “Economy


  • Take authority in Jesus name, but never your own name.
  • If you feel led say, “In Jesus name I renounce, I command ______________.”
  • If nothing happens don’t panic.
  • If something happens don’t panic.
  • Ask a pastor, prayer team member, prophetic team member or board member to

    pray over you, that you would be “equipped” for works of ministry (service).

  • Call out the gifts you see in others.
  • Encourage those gifted as yourself by sharing your wisdom.
  • Encourage those gifted differently than yourself by receiving their gifts.
  • Read 1 Corinthians 12-14 and do that stuff.
  • Administrate, Teach, Serve—Sweep the Floor.
  • Anything done in Love is eternal.
  • Anything without Love is worthless and a lie about God our Father.
  • Have no fear.
  • And thank God that He’s in our midst, not because strange things happen, but

    because love happens. And because He promised He would be with us.

  • He is the Gift… given through many strange and wonderful vessels.


  • With our gifts we build each other and testify to life in the Body.
  • With our gifts we bleed for the lost and call them home. WHAT DO WE IMAGINE?

    You, the real you, is like a nut or a bolt that you find on a floor. The person next to you is like a nut or a bolt you find on the floor. Can you only imagine the nut? Or imagine what it’s for?
    Are we just a bowl of nuts… or so much more?

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