Are we witnessing the “last days” of the Christian mythology?


Question: It appears that we are witnessing the “last days” of the Christian mythology.
When a society outgrows its superstitious ways, we see politicians resort to enforcing their theology through legislative power.

Response: I think we’re not seeing the last days of the “Christian Mythology,” but the liberation of the true mythology, which is the Gospel–not a fiction but reality. What we’re witnessing is what Malcom Muggeridge called “The End of Christendom.” And to that he said, “Good Riddance.” Christendom is imitation Christianity. It’s Christianity that relies upon the knowledge of good and evil for self-justification and so becomes a principality and power of this world. What we’re witnessing is the destruction of old Jerusalem (the city that people build), in preparation for the revelation of the New Jerusalem (the City God has built which is already “coming down”). It’s not made of stone but persons, the stone city is the dead body of the imitation Christ (antichrist) and the living temple is the Body of Christ.

For more, read my book on the Revelation; the Bible has said this stuff all along. It’s self-centered arrogant people who turn it into something else while wearing T-shirts that advertise the name of Jesus but aren’t aware of what it means: “God is Salvation” (ye-shua; Jesus). It’s people who trust in “me-sus” (me is salvation) that create “we-sus,” that is, (we are salvation), also known as Christendom.

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