Are You A Universalist?


Question: Are you a Universalist?

Response: I try to avoid the word “Universalism,” because people define it in so many different ways. Instead, I just like to say that I believe the Bible and then ask, “Do you?”  I quote verses like Colossians 1:19-20 or 1 Corinthians 15:22. Then, I say something like, “I believe that God in Christ Jesus was pleased to reconcile all things to himself making peace by the blood of his cross. Do you?”

By “universalism” some people mean that Christ saves no one, for no one actually needs to be saved. I am the exact opposite of that sort of universalism.

Sometimes by “universalism” people mean that all must die, for all have sinned (it’s universal). And they mean that all must be raised for Christ is risen and Christ died for all–they mean that Christ’s cross reconciles all things to the father. In which case, I’m a universalist and I don’t see how anyone could believe Scripture and be anything but a “universalist.”

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