Do “Christians” worship “free will?”


Statement: I find it interesting that guys like Stephen Hawking, Richard Oerton (The Nonsense of Free Will), Albert Einstein, and the neuroscientist in this video all espouse some form of determinism, yet so many Christians revere & idolize the sanctity of free will.

Response: Yes! Many “Christians” talk as if their “free will” is the “Uncreated Creator,” whom God must respect at all costs. Scary!

If I argue that my “free will” is undetermined, am I not arguing that it is “uncreated” and “unsustained,” and in fact, “necessary being-ness?” So, unless I argue that my “free will” is “God’s will” manifesting in me, then I’m exalting myself to the throne of God, like satan.

So, I sometimes ask folks:

  1.  Is your “free will” a thing?
  2.  Did God create this thing?
  3.  If God did not create it, how is your “free will” not God—the Uncreated Creator or Necessary Being-ness Himself?
  4.  If God did create it, how is it not determined and therefore not free—as you define “free”?

God clearly exists outside of time and knows what He is creating in time. Is it sense or non-sense to say that God determined to create something that is undetermined?

Regardless of what seems like sense or nonsense to us, according to Scripture, no one is free until Christ sets one free. Christ is the Word of God, the free Will of God, who came to dwell in our hearts and animate our lives as His Body. We have all been predestined for freedom. We have all been predestined to be filled with the free Will of God. We have all been predestined to love. God is Love and He is Free to love through me. When I worship Him, and not my “free will,” I’m free.

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