Is it Always God’s Will To Heal?


Question: Is it always God’s will to heal? People say, “It’s always God’s will to heal. You just need faith.” Is that true?

Response: Yes. But I doubt we understand what we are saying when we say such things.

It is always God’s will to heal. It was his will to heal when he kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden, cursed the earth and informed us that we would die. God is always in the business of healing our souls and in the process, he subjects our physical bodies to futility. He will heal our bodies as well… and sometimes he does so “miraculously” now. He calls it a sign. It’s a sign of what he will do and is doing for all.

We are to seek the substance, which is Christ. And Christ in us is Faith, Hope, and Love. If we seek the sign, instead of the substance, we are called “adulterous.” Adulterers seek the symbols and signs of Love, but not the person of Love.

A healed soul is a faithful soul. “He would do no signs there for their lack of Faith” (Matt. 13:58). Signs can damage faith in people who are unable to read them. The signs say, “Trust God!” But people, who can’t read signs, trust signs instead of God. They seek signs instead of what they point to. They are adulterous

“You just need Faith.” Well, that’s true. Once we are perfected in faith with a healed soul, we inherit all things. Faith in the Word of God is the thing that Adam and Eve lacked in the Garden.

The problem with the statement, “You just need faith,” is that it assumes “faith” is a small thing that we can just decide to have, when in fact faith is the gift of God that is born in us through the death and resurrection of Christ.

I don’t know anyone alive that is perfected in faith. “You just need faith.” That’s always true. Sometimes God will do a sign in response to just a little faith. Sometimes he’ll do a sign when there’s no faith (like Easter), but for as long as you walk the face of this earth it’s true that “you just need faith,” And you don’t yet have enough.

“I believe, help my unbelief” is a prayer that God is always delighted to honor.

God is always healing your soul by arranging every moment of space and time to exhibit his Grace and create your faith.

I don’t believe that God will heal your sore back every time and in every instance that you ask him to do so. I think, sometimes, your back is supposed to hurt in order that you would learn to trust your Lord with all your soul.

“My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness” (2nd Cor. 12:9). God is Grace and His power in us is faith. And so sometimes he’ll use a sore back to create some faith… not in his ability to heal backs, but in Himself.

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