Love and Free Will


Question: Doesn’t true love require that the object of love have the freedom to reject the love, or not love in return?

Response: First, consider that even if this definition of freedom was accurate (and I don’t think it is biblical or philosophically defensible), God knows the future. When he creates a “free” person, he knows whether or not that person will reject him, and if he will have to subsequently torture it or deliver it up to endless torment. Why on earth would he simply NOT create that creature? The freedom of the others would not be dependent on his creating that creature. And his creation of that creature would be morally deplorable.

Second, consider that in Scripture, though, “freedom” is not defined as the ability to sin. And, once someone does sin, they’re definitely not free. Freedom is the ability to “choose the good.” It’s not freedom from the good…but freedom to choose the good and to become good. Salvation is being set free from bondage. How could I be freed from bondage if I’m already free?

Most Americans define freedom as a random choice, that is chaos. We’re not saved by chaos, our “free-will,” or our choice. We’re damned by chaos, our “free-will,” or our choice. And we’re saved from chaos by the Logos. We’re saved from our “free-will” by God’s free will. We’re saved from our choice (sin) by God’s choice (grace). A good free will is called faith, hope, and Love. God is Love. God is the Good Free Will. I am free when His will manifests in me. He set’s me free.

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