What Do You Think of “The Law of Attraction?”


Response: It seems to me that, there is something to the law of attraction,  and I suppose the Bible might call it faith. “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘move.’” Isn’t that what these folks are saying that you attract what you fear, hope or think? So, if I really think (trust) the mountain will move it will? Jesus said something like that, and yet I’ve never seen someone move a mountain (yet you can debate what mountain it was that Jesus was talking about; the temple mount did move and still does). Nonetheless, Jesus walked on water and stopped storms and it obviously had to do with His faith, but I don’t think it was faith in His faith, so much as faith in His Father.

Anyway, there is something to it . . . yet, we all seem to have a problem with faith. Notice that everyone that preaches the “law of attraction” will die. So, even if all is dependent on their thinking, hope, courage, faith etc., they obviously have minimal control over reality, and so they must have very little faith.

It’s easy for movie stars and celebrities to talk about the “law of attraction,” it gives them credit for their success. It’s easy for them to talk about the “law of attraction,” when they’re at the top of the game, but ask them on their deathbed and their tune might change. So there’s something to the law, but there’s obviously a problem with our ability to exercise “faith,” however you define it.

To me, the “law of attraction” sounds a lot like karma, and there’s something to karma:”The measure you give is the measure you get,” “You reap what you sow” etc. And a lot of Christians teach karma: “You must do your part and your part is faith.”

Well, there’s something to it, yet it can’t be absolute. For if it was absolute, you couldn’t explain Christmas; no one expected that. And you couldn’t explain Easter; no one expected that. You couldn’t explain Grace. And in the end, real faith—the kind that can move mountains—comes from Grace. We are saved by Grace through Faith. I also think we are created by Grace through Faith. So the way we think, trust, hope and fear all really matters, but if we think we create our own universe with merely our own thoughts, we trap ourselves in Hades.

We get out of Hades, when Grace breaks the law of karma, and we come to have faith in Grace by Grace (who is God).

Well, that’s the way I see it.

Blessings, Peter

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