What Good is Faith Now?


Question: Does faith have any impact on this life, or will it only be realized after death?

Response: Faith has every benefit now! It’s just that we don’t control the benefits – it’s not a quid pro quo. It’s just like Hebrews Chapter 11 says: We may stop the mouths of lions (v. 33) OR be sawn in two (v. 37). On some days we may walk on water, and on others be crucified. I’ve seen miracles in response to faith, and I’ve seen deserts and tremendous sufferings. I consider the miracles to be signs of what’s to come, but the true miracle is faith itself. It’s trust that God is good and working all things for our redemption. Faith itself then transforms the experience of every moment and the way I relate to every moment both physically and spiritually. However, if faith was a quid pro quo – a bit of faith and I get what I want – it wouldn’t be faith, and God wouldn’t be God, but a vending machine or a harlot. The thing in me that demands a quid pro quo is the “flesh,” the thing that surrenders is the “Spirit.” My old man is dying (the flesh), and my new man is being born. I do believe that in eternity, once God has created faith (trust) in Him (Love) in us, we will be so free that whatever we desire will happen. We will speak reality into existence. And yet we will not will ourselves into our own private reality; we will will ourselves into a great symphony of shared wills that is the consummated kingdom of God.

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