You Have Said That Satan Is An Absence Of Something–a “no-thing.” Are Demons “no-things” As Well?


Question: You have often said that Satan is an absence of something, a no-thing, and evil is perpetrated by this no-thing, where do demons come in? Are they no-things as well?  You touch on this briefly in your footnotes of “The Abyss” but can you elaborate further on the ontological status of demons?

Answer: Of course I don’t “know” any of this stuff, but it sure seems to me from Scripture, and experience, that demons are of a different ontological order than satan. They seem to be “fallen spirits” that God originally created as good. I think Scripture testifies to this, and when we’ve encountered them they’ve seemed to behave like disembodied, really bad people. I mean some seem stupider than others, almost like they have some sort of personality.

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