Sometimes life can feel like an absolutely crazy ride! We wish we could truly live in the now–enjoying everything as it comes–living in the moment regardless of circumstances, but fear can hinder our ability to do that.  We long for Heaven but often feel like we’re surrounded by Hell. There’s something in all of us that longs for the Kingdom–for Heaven here and now.

Check out this video. I think it’s a little taste of Heaven: Tandem Snowboarding Friends

Isn’t it just packed with joy and life? Those girls have total trust and no fear!

I love that video because those little girls are on an absolutely crazy & dangerous ride, and yet they’re ecstatic with joy; it’s like they’re in Heaven, simply because they’ve got their daddies right next to them, and they know their daddies have everything in control.

We live in a crazy world right now. Life can feel dangerous, even hopeless at times. How can we enjoy the ride? Well, Jesus seems to give some ideas about how to enjoy the ride. He says we must become like little children to enter the Kingdom (Matthew 18:3).

So maybe the key to enjoying this crazy ride we call life is being like little children and trusting our Daddy (Just like the little girls in that video)! When life throws us a bump, or a challenge, or something scary, instead of freaking out maybe we could trust that our Daddy’s “got this.” (I’m preaching to myself here!) Yes, life feels like a crazy ride that’s out of control, but that’s because it is! We are losing all control. And that’s all part of His plan. Life is a crazy ride that your Heavenly Daddy has built especially for you! You have no control, and yet your heart can be in control if you have faith that He IS in control.

“You have a Dad, and He controls the ride beginning to end. He built it, and He’s with you; He’s strapped in right next to you, and He loves you with everything He has…and is. And when you know that, and you trust Him, you will not only survive the ride, you will totally enjoy it!” –Peter Hiett

At the end of the book of Revelation (in which all sorts of crazy and seemingly scary things happen–­which IS the revelation of Jesus–talk about a crazy ride!) do you know what the Bride says (what we will all one day say)? She says, “Come!” In other words: “Bring on the ride!” She has no fear, only anticipation, for she knows her Father is good and He’s got all things in His hands. She trusts Him!

So dear child, Bride of Christ, do not fear! Trust in the goodness of God. Know that He built the ride and it’s all part of the plan. He is strapped in right next to you, and He loves you with everything He has and is!

Enjoy the ride!

This devotional was written by Kimberly Weynen, Peter Hiett’s assistant. It was inspired by a sermon preached by Peter entitled Peace (For Walking Into Battle) To read, watch or listen to the sermon in its entirety click here: Peace for Walking Into Battle

*Discussion questions are available here: Discussion Questions Peace For Walking Into Battle


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