The Sanctuary (a church without walls, part of The Church, a church that believes God Saves, in a Word-Jesus) is a living house built upon the Rock that is Christ our Lord. The Rock is our foundation and the Rock is Jesus. As I hope you know, the name Jesus means: “God is Salvation.” The understanding that GOD is salvation and we are NOT is foundational!

I think we’re called to foundation work. Foundation work isn’t necessarily pretty or popular, but it affects the whole building in a most dramatic way. To neglect the foundation is to condemn the building. The Church is a building built by Jesus, on Jesus–the Rock. It’s built with us, the living stones.

“God is Salvation” is the Rock that the Church is built upon. Sadly, the evil one tempts the church to build her self upon another foundation—“We are salvation.” So rather than proclaiming (preaching) what God has done in Christ Jesus, the church begins proclaiming (threatening, bargaining, manipulating) what we could do, and what we could save, if only we believed more, gave more or tried harder. It’s a subtle and enticing deception. But the difference is the difference between Heaven and Hell (…talkin’ Hades/Sheol here). And the difference in results is the difference between fake fruit and real fruit, between a woman who knows everything about the physiology of man and a bride who bears the fruit of her bridegroom in her very own body.

I think The Sanctuary is to stand on the foundation and live from the foundation. We are to be a community that worships, standing on the Rock. And I think we are to do that beyond our walls in new and innovative ways. We’re to receive the Word and bear the fruit of that communion.

Christ’s church is not built by me or by you, however, it is built with us and Christ calls us to be used by Him as His body in this world. I don’t think He does that because He’s desperate for our help (He is the Helper), but because He wants us to share in His joy.

Do you believe God Saves–in a Word: Jesus? Then would you pray about what role God may have you play in doing foundation work? You are the living stones, with which Christ builds His church.

This letter was slightly edited by Peter’s assistant, Kimberly Weynen. To dig into these things deeper follow the link: Our House

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