Sometimes our hearts wonder, “Does God love me? And if so, under what conditions might He stop?”
Scripture claims that “God is Love.”
It never says, “God is wrath” or even, “God is justice.”
“Just” is an adjective describing God, who “is Love.”
God works justice. But “God IS Love.”

That means that Love must be as unconditional as God.
That means that Love determines all conditions.
That means that Love creates and sustains everything that’s anything.
If God stopped loving you, God would stop being God, and never would’ve been God, and nothing would exist or ever have existed . . . and you sure wouldn’t be reading this little blurb right now wondering if God might stop loving you.
God is unconditionally God, so you are unconditionally Loved.
(And, by the way—that’s just! For God is Love and God is just.)
Use your head to remind your heart: God Loves you.

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