Revelation 3:14-22
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(What is your typical response when someone is at your door?)
(How do you respond to strangers versus those whom you know and love?)

  • What do you believe about salvation (How does someone “get saved”? What does the process look like?)
  • Is what you believe about salvation different than it was at the start of your walk with Jesus?
  • What are your beliefs about heaven and hell? (Just to get you started: Are they actual places, states of mind or being or maybe both? Do they start now or are they at a time yet to come or maybe both?)

During this sermon, Peter talked a lot about Jesus knocking on the door and our responses to that. He said, “Faith is what you believe in the depths of your being about the man on the other side of the door.”

  • What do you believe about the Man standing on the other side of the door?
  • Who is He and how do your beliefs about Him influence your response to Him?
  • If Jesus were to show up at your door knocking, what would your response be, and why?

If you think you are already in Heaven on your side of the door—the side without Jesus, you might not see your need for Jesus.

  • Are there any areas in your life where, like Laodicea, you are tempted to say, “We have prospered and we need nothing?” Any places where you are “comfortably numb”?
  • What might Jesus be calling you to do in order to understand your need Him and be set free from the numbness? He tells Laodicea to purchase gold refined by fire. What might that look like in your life?

The enemy doesn’t want us to answer the door; he doesn’t want us to usher in Jesus so he works to convince us that we are already in heaven and need no more saving. He tries to convince us that Heaven is Hell, and Hell is Heaven.

  • Can you think of any areas where you might have succumbed to his schemes? Where you have believed Heaven (what Jesus calls us to and where He is) is Hell, and Hell (numb and “prosperous,” blind of our need for the Savior) is Heaven?
  • Take a moment to confess those areas to Him and, if you are willing, open the door and invite Him in that He might give all of Himself to you. And ask Him to help you surrender all of yourself to Him.

~These questions were prepared by Kimberly Weynen