“Already Approved” (Merry Christmas) Ecclesiastes 8:15-9:12 “Eat your bread with joy and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has already approved of what you do,” writes Solomon. I do just about everything to gain approval. But if I believed that I’m already approved, it might change everything I do. When I choose evil, I make nothing and call it something—I make “the vanity of vanities.” I make the idol I call “me.” The old adam is the “me” that I make. When I choose the Good, the Good is choosing me and making me in time—God makes the New Me, the New Adam. And He comes pre-approved. I’m not the sum total of “my” choices in time. I’m the revelation of God’s Eternal Choice in my time. The old man is the man for whom you cannot be grateful. The New Man is the Man for Whom you can only be grateful. Say: “Thank you, Lord, for me and that I am no one else . . . but You.” It will burn the old and reveal the New.

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