Solomon describes death as if he wants us to feel it and not deny it.
It’s through “the fear of death” that the devil keeps us in “lifelong bondage.”
The fear of death explains all manner of evil.
To refuse to lose your life—your psyche—is to refuse to love.
The fear of death causes us to psychically run and hide from “the reaper.”
Religion even offers to help us do so, by promising that some can escape judgment.
But, according to Solomon, all get judged in one judgment and, even, one Man.
The Judgment of God is Creation. To hide from the Judgment is un-creation.
Death is not the Reaper. Life is the Reaper. You’re friend Jesus is the Reaper.
Don’t fear the Reaper—except long enough to hear Him say, “Fear not… I died and look, I am alive forevermore.”
You are like a caterpillar striving after the wind—that’s vanity.
You will be a butterfly, forever riding the Wind—that’s the Judgment of God.
The Judgment of God is that you will lose your life and find it.

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