In Gethsemane, Jesus said to them, “My soul is very sorrowful, even unto death.”

In the Garden of the Olive Press, Jesus seems to be depressed.
When olives are depressed, fragrant oil is expressed.
Jesus taught, “Happy are those, that when depressed, express sorrow.”

And He said to His disciples, “Your sorrow will turn into joy.”
Olive oil is the communion of olives in a cup like wine is the communion of grapes in a bottle—grapes and olives that have been crushed.

In the Garden, Jesus has communed with the disciples and their bad will.

And, in the Garden, He communes with His Father and wills what we could not will.

He asks us to watch Him suffer the sorrow. All sin is looking away.

In the Garden depressed, He did not repress but expressed the beautiful thing.

He received His betrayer’s kiss and called him “friend.”
Your secret sorrow is an invitation to commune with God in His Garden.

Beauty is the expression of Love through vessels of Mercy . . . like you.

Pain is for a moment. Beauty is eternal.

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