They ripped Clay from his bed, beat him, slapped him, spun him round and round creating a wound in place of his belly.
They placed him in a furnace where he cried, “God where are you, and why have you made me thus?”

God said, “If you obey the commandment—which is love—you will be blessed.”

So does love work? It appears that the answer is “NO,” for we can’t work love . . . and even if we did truly love, fulfilling the command, we’d get crucified. God is Love . . . and He got crucified.

So does love work?
Just by asking, “Does love work?” we crucify Love . . . so Love can’t work because we just nailed Him to a tree in a garden.

So does Love work?
No . . . and YES, YES, YES!

Actually, Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, including you. Love never fails. Love alone works.
Love creates “vessels of wrath,” that are transformed into “vessels of Mercy.”

Love is the Potter, and you are the Clay—the Adam.
When I think that I must work Love, I end up hating Love.
But when I trust that Love is the Potter, I’m emptied of myself, filled with Love, and begin to love as a vessel of Love, a blood vessel.

“Why have you made me thus?” we ask.
“To be filled with all the fullness of God,” He answers.

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