The Lord says, “Rejoice and sing for I have loved you.”
But Jerusalem says, “You have forgotten me and turned away.”
The Lord asks, “Can a mom forget her nursing baby?”
A baby is a person with no resume, a spirit without much dust, a soul without much flesh, an “I” without much “me.”
A mom sees her baby no matter how much dust, dirt, flesh and “me,” that baby has accumulated—that’s why a mom can’t seem to turn away.
Everyone is someone’s baby. Everyone is God’s baby.
He says, “Even if these forget, I will not forget you. Look! I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. Your walls are continually before me.”
He never turns away and He wants you to see the palms of His hands.
Christ is crucified just outside your city walls.
You need to look and see Him forever facing your walls.
You need to look and see Love if you are to ever give birth to real Love.

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