Jesus said, “The one who does the will of God is my mother.” If that’s true it explains a lot: Our confusion on Mother’s Day, the Bible’s strange perspective on women and why “doing the will of God” is such a strange, confusing, painful, humiliating and wonderful thing. “Doing the will of God” is not learning about the will of God and then willing the will of God, which would be faking the will of God and not “doing the will of God.” “Doing the will of God” is giving birth to Jesus. Jesus is the “Will of God.” Surrender to a moment of passion and you will do the Will of God. It may be easy at first, but it will get confusing, painful and impossibly hard. It’s not the result of your work, but it will work you. Doing the Will of God is hard labor, but you will LOVE the Will of God. And the Will of God will save you—His mother.

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