Solomon reveals that we are beasts and all our toil is envy. The whole world is under the power of beasts: a dragon, a beast from the sea, and a beast from the land—satan, political power, and religious power. We each want to be the King of the Beasts: The Lion. Some argue that life itself is the product of envy. But life is not the “survival of the fittest.” Life is the sacrifice of the fittest that all might survive. The Lion is the Lamb who stands on the throne of God at the center of the temple. He pumps blood to the entire body revealing that all envy is absurd. Beauty is Love. Love is not our toil. Real Love is God. To win The Beauty Pageant: #1 Don’t try. #2 Confess that you’re “but beast.” #3 Believe that God makes all things beautiful in time—including you, His Body.

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