Jesus told a story about a Rich Man, Lazarus; a chasm that none may cross; Hades, and torment in this flame. But it raises a question an elephant in the room and in this story: Is God Dr. Evil? -Does He burn people in fire forever without end? -Should we care for those suffering now, so we don’t have to care for those suffering in Hell, for all eternity, as we feast at the table of the Lord? -Is God in Christ Jesus trying to turn us into eternal, infinitely rich men who forever ignore the sufferings of the spiritually poor?? NO!!!!! The Rich man is, at least, Judah. Lazarus is, at least, Eliezer of Damascus, Syria. And Jesus came to level every chasm and cast Hades into the Lake of Fire. God is Love. And His Word is the Shalhebetyah The very flame of the Lord.”

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