Solomon sees a poor man who, by his wisdom, saved a city.
Yet no one listened to the poor man.
He then tells us to “cast our bread on the waters,” which seems entirely non-strategic . . . especially if you’re trying to save a city under siege.
Jesus is the Bread of Life. He cast Himself upon the waters.
Jesus saved the city of Jerusalem, which is . . . us.
He cried, “My God, my God, why?”
He didn’t know “why,” and yet He surrendered His Spirit. He obeyed.
His obedience was entirely non-strategic, and yet, He is the Strategy of God.
His obedience is called faith.
Sacrifice is not a strategy to gain life. Sacrifice is Life.
Faith is not a strategy to gain salvation. Faith is Salvation.
Love is not a strategy to gain God. Love—real Love—is God.
Cast your bread on the waters . . . for you will find it in many days.

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