To enjoy the Good is to be Good—that is, Beautiful. BUT you can’t just decide to enjoy the Good, any more than a cow can decide to enjoy the scenery. If you don’t enjoy the Good, you will covet good things and take knowledge of the Good in order to act good, which is very not good. . . but “grievous evil.” It doesn’t merit the good place, but the bad place. “All go to one place,” wrote Solomon. Power to enjoy the Good is “the gift of God,” who “alone is Good.” Power to enjoy the Good is faith and God creates our faith with His Judgment. In the garden on the tree, which we often call the cross, God reveals His eternal Judgment and makes all things Beautiful in time. There, the beast who crucifies the Good drops to his knees and enjoys the Good. When you enjoy the Good, you’ll confess the bad and be grateful for the Good. You’ll have compassion on people that aren’t good. And you’ll want everyone to be Good—that’s God’s Judgment.

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