If you give everything and find yourself with nothing, it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad steward. But if you never do, it means you probably are. You’ve played it safe. And now, you’re safe as hell. Jesus didn’t come to end sacrifice. He came to get it going. If Jerusalem is a bride, the temple is her heart. When Jesus died the veil ripped and God performed heart surgery on His bride. It’s Christ’s life that flows from the throne and Christs life that returns to the throne. That life flows through you… unless you “play it safe” and hold onto The Life. We must not act as if Grace is small, only ours, and be stingy about giving it away. We must not become a blood clot. We must not damn the Life. You’ve been given the Spirit of Adventure. So lose your life and you will find Christ’s Life, all of it, like a river.

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