UNforgiveness is the unforgivable sin. To forgive a sin is to grant a gift and absorb a loss. It can feel like the death of  me. Peter asks Jesus, “How much do I have to forgive?” Jesus tells a story about a king that forgives a slave 10,000 talents, (710,000 lbs. of gold), but the slave won’t forgive his brother 100 denarii (ten thousand dollars). The king delivers the slave to “the tormentors” until he pays all his debt. When you reckon that your life is your own life, you confess that you stole  “The Life.” Jesus is “The Life.”  Jesus is worth 10,000 talents, and you are worth Jesus, and God gladly gives. When you see that you’re forgiven much, you will love much you will gladly give. We each must surrender our life to receive the River of Eternal Life. When you forgive, you die and live “The Life” flows through you.

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