Talking Politics With Solomon Ecclesiastes 8:1-15 “Keep the king’s command,” writes Solomon, and you “will know no evil thing.” Who is the king? Where is his throne? And what is his command? In America, democracy is king. Three thousand years ago, Israel rejected God as King. For a thousand years, they suffered under worldly kings and knew many evil things until God wrapped His Command in flesh, born of a virgin and then, placed in a manger. Pontus Pilate called for a vote and we all voted for Barabbas—the politician. On the tree in the garden, we took the Life of the King and the King delivered up His Spirit. His Spirit conquers the nations and is enthroned in your heart. The obedience of faith is subjective encounter with the King on the throne in the depths of your own being. The powers of this world promise safety for yourself, and vengeance on your enemies. King Jesus is the Will to lose yourself, and forgive your enemies. His Kingdom is Freedom, Life, and Joy.

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