At the house of Simon the leper—just before Christ is betrayed, and immediately after He prophesies His own death—an un-named woman breaks an alabaster flask of extremely costly perfumed oil and pours the contents over the Lord’s head.
Jesus says that she has anointed Him for burial and that her act is a “beautiful thing.”
All the disciples are indignant and, in the words of Judas, call it “a waste.”
The oil is a waste and, to the disciples, Christ’s death is the epitome of waste.
The oil was good for something other than Jesus . . . like feeding the poor.
Jesus was also good for something other than Jesus . . . like saving the world.
To the un-named woman, Jesus was good for nothing . . . just good; Jesus is Beautiful.
And so she worships Him.
Sometimes following Jesus can feel like an epic and colossal waste.
But all things have been arranged that at the right moment you would see the Beautiful One and do the beautiful thing, and never stop.
You are the unnamed woman. You are the Bride of Christ.
You minister to Him, as He makes all things new . . . including you.

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