“Many are called and few are chosen,” said Jesus. In the story He just told, all are called—“ “bad” and “good””— to the Great Banquet. One is chosen by the king to be cast into outer darkness for he has no “wedding garment.” The king calls him, “friend.” In four days, Jesus will be stripped naked and crucified in outer darkness. Four Roman soldiers will take His clothes and confess Him to be the Christ. All humanity is called to the Great Banquet and Jesus is chosen to clothe us all. When we see His sacrifice a transaction occurs. Death is transferred from us to Him and Life is transferred from Him to us. Righteousness is imputed to us. Jesus clothes us with Himself. He is the Groom, the Son of the King, and we are His bride. Father and Son are “the few,” both chosen to sacrifice, and maybe we as well are “the few,” chosen to help clothe all with the righteousness of Christ.

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