Like “The Count,” we love to count but don’t know what it is that we’re counting.
In fact, we count to deal with the stress of counting. We’re addicted to counting.
Satan tempted King David to count, just like he tempted Eve.

We count in the hope that we would count (. . . to someone).
For the counting, God demanded an accounting—a ransom, an atonement.

In the place where David was tempted to count the good, God commanded the Son of David to build a temple, which displayed the Good.

The Good in flesh is the slaughtered Lamb standing on a throne, from which flows a river of Eternal Life and Infinite Love . . . that can’t be counted.

You are worth precisely infinity, and you are a conduit for that river.
If you believed that, you’d stop counting; you’d stop taking life, and start living life.

There is no shortage of Divine Mercy.
The greatest danger is that you might think there is, then hoard Mercy to yourself, and never dip your bucket into the Ocean of Grace that surrounds you and always upholds you.

When you’re tempted to count, build a temple, and watch God account for you.
The problem with our counting is that we don’t account for Infinity, and we don’t realize that Infinity can’t be counted.
We don’t realize that God is Infinite Love—“vast, unmeasured, boundless, and free.”

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