This presentation was given at the National Scientific Association’s Conference in Golden. It has to do with the agreed upon fact that time is relative to the standpoint of an observer and the biblical assertion that there is a Seventh Day in which everything is “very good” and “It is finished.”

You can enjoy the audio version here: ASA Relativity/Apokatastasis Talk—audio 

The slides used throughout the presentation here: ASA Relativity/Apokatastasis Talk—slides

In my presentation, I would have liked to do a better job in distinguishing between Einstein’s theories of special relativity, general relativity, and simply relativity as it relates to the stretching of time in an expanding universe. Some also expressed concern about Gerald Schroeder’s calculations. But these are minor points in relation to the big idea that time is relative and the fact that Scripture clearly points to this notion that we’re living in the 6th day of creation, at the edge of an endless and eternal Seventh Day—a Day in which all is finished, everything is good, and God has reconciled all things to Himself in Christ Jesus.

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