David writes, “Where shall I go from your Spirit?”
That’s a fascinating question considering that we are His Spirit, or Breath, in a lump of clay.

“You knit me together in my mother’s womb… I am wonderfully made… intricately woven in the depths of the earth.”
“If I ascend to heaven, you are there! If I make my bed in Sheol [“Hell” NKJV] you are there… your eyes saw my golem.”

A golem is a lump of clay or a fetus.
My oldest son was born five weeks early, and when he was born, he knew my voice.
He had heard it in the womb. I would speak and everything in his “womb world” would move to the sound of my voice.

At the same time other babies (or golem), like Jon, were being aborted by the thousands or perhaps millions.

If they were human, that’s utterly horrific.
If they were inhuman, that’s simply medical waste.

What makes us human?
An objective observer from another planet observing our society might conclude that personhood depends on whether, or not, another person in a position of power wants you?

So, who’s in power, the president, the body politic… or the mother?
Or how about God? Why would God want an unborn baby?
Why would God want you?

Perhaps because part of Him, or all of Him, is in you?
Perhaps His Spirit is in you, a lump of clay?
Perhaps He is your capacity to love and be loved?
Perhaps you can recognize the voice of Love—who is your Father?

“He yearns jealously over the spirit he has made to dwell in us,” writes James.
“As you do not know the way the spirit comes to the bones in the womb of a woman with child, so you do not know the work of God who makes everything,” writes Solomon.

According to Solomon we don’t know when a person becomes a person, and yet we do know that it happens in the womb.

So, yes, the fetus may have been a baby—maybe, your baby.
I’m convinced Jesus has all the babies.
According to David He “forms” all our days, yours and your baby’s.
It seems that you can abort a baby, but not God’s plan for a baby.

I’m convinced Jesus has all the babies, but will you let him have you?

Does someone in power want you?
How about the poor? How about immigrant families at our border?
How about teenage girls that have been abused and find themselves pregnant?
How about teenage girls that sleep around because they know they can just get an abortion? How about sinners?
How about politicians who divorce and marry trophy wives while sleeping with strippers?
How about King David, who murdered Uriah and caused the death of the Son of David?
How about an entire world that utterly disregards the Sanctity of Human Life?
How about all of us that crucify The Life in human flesh—the Messiah?
Does God want us? Are sinners human? Or does God abort most of us?

David talks as if he was formed in the womb and is still being formed in this womb of a world, still receiving the Breath of God and being made in the image of God.

Perhaps the greatest “holocaust” is not one committed against unborn babies, but one that is committed against unborn adults.
Perhaps it’s a “holocaust” that occurs when people speaking in the name of God, declare that God not only aborts most of humanity but endlessly torments most of his children for he no longer wants them.
Perhaps it’s committed by people who refuse to forgive.

Jesus taught that if we don’t forgive, we can’t know forgiveness, but will instead sink deeper into Sheol where “men weep and gnash their teeth.”
But God does not abort us; he descends into that place with us.
“Even there, your right hand shall hold me,” writes David.

We’re all angry at those that don’t respect the sanctity of a baby’s life…
Or the sanctity of a woman’s life…
Or the sanctity of our own life.

David writes, “O, men of blood, depart from me! Do I not hate them with perfect hatred?”

And then, “Search me, O God and know my heart! Try me and know my anxious thoughts.”

David is a “man of blood,” and with his anger, he almost aborts himself.
If only there were a perfect judgment that could separate us from ourselves, make us in the image of God, and give birth to an entire new creation.

Of course, there is.
But it’s not a political judgment, it’s God’s judgment in Christ Jesus.
Listen to the Gospel: You are entirely forgiven, and thoroughly wanted by the one who has all power.

Legislation won’t change the world, but Christ in you, will.
Say, “May it be done unto me, according to your Word.”

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