Every day, old Simeon went to the temple awaiting the Messiah. “But who may abide the day of his coming and who can stand when he appeareth?” Mary and Joseph offered a burnt offering and a sin offering. Jesus is the sin offering—He makes up for the thing we all refuse to do. Jesus is the burnt offering—He is the thing God wants us all to do. Jesus, the Eschatos Adam, loses his Life for the sake of Love and finds it. The Temple is like a giant heart and the Life is in the blood. From the throne of the Lamb, Life flows like a river to all creation and returns again as a song of praise. To refuse to lose your life for the sake of Love is to damn the river and be damned. Jesus is the Decision to Love, given to all humanity, that all might live. Simeon lost his life, remained standing, and the river now flows through Simeon. Love is sacrifice, and when all sacrifice everyone wins.

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