You may not know much, but if you are known by Love, you are wise. Wisdom is like living knowledge. “The knowledge of good and evil” is like dead Wisdom. Jesus is the Wisdom of God and the “Eschatos Adam.” All humanity is the Eschatos Eve. At the tree in the garden, we all schemed to take the Life of Wisdom. And on that tree in that garden, God gave the Life of Wisdom. We ingest Wisdom as law with which we desire to create ourselves—that’s sin. But He rises from the dead, judges us, saves us and creates us—He is Grace. Body broken and blood shed rises from the dead in the garden that is your soul. We must try to be good, the way a bride tries to get pregnant. You cannot create a good choice, but you will give birth to good choices. You will give birth to your true self in the likeness of God.

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